66 Political Action (PAC)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone has had a good summer and solid employment. As you know every year this time I try and update you on some of the political races taking Place on Long Island. As many of you already know, Laborers Local 66 Hosted State & Congressional candidate Interviews during the Months of June and July.

These interviews are for the purpose of getting to know a little about the candidates who are looking to run for elected office and are seeking the endorsement of Local 66. We conduct these interviews alongside the Long Island Federation of Labor.

These interviews are very important because it gives us some insight as to how the candidates view us as Unions.

I recently attended our International Convention where I sat and listened to our General President express the importance of our PAC’S. The General President also expressed his thoughts on the Presidential Election and the importance of Electing Hillary Clinton our next President.

Even though it appears we are doing very well as a union! Were forever facing attacks on the labor movement. All across the country there are elected officials who are trying to turn the country into a right to work country. If there successful it would put us in a very bad situation. I mention this to express my concerns and want to do our part in fighting that movement.

My job as your Political Director is to work with these elected officials & candidates to get them to understand the importance of a Strong Labor movement. Brothers and Sisters as I always say I’m only as strong and as you. My Strength comes from my ability to let them know I have a very active membership who not only Vote but they also very politically active.

Every year we have a good amount of campaigns that ask us for support and I try to accommodate all of them.I’m always looking for members who want to become leaders in Political Campaigns. If anyone is willing to become a Political Captain please call me @ 646-460-5551.

Here is a list of the candidates that will be endorsed by Local 66 & the Mason Tenders Political Action Committee. Please take the time to look for the candidates in your election district and support them. Any question about who represents you please reach out to me on my cell # 646-460-5551 It is very important that we as a union exercise our real power by going to the polls On November 8, 2016.

Thank You

Pete Zarcone 




Local 66 Endorsed Candidates 2016

President of United States

Hillary Clinton (D)


United State Senator

Chuck Schumer (D)

United States Congress

CD 01 Lee Zelden (R)

CD 02 Peter King (R)

    CD 03 Jack Martins (R)

      CD 04 Kathleen Rice (D)


NYS Senate

SD 01 Kenneth P. LaValle (R)

SD 02 John J Flanagan (R)

SD 03 Thomas D. Croci (R)

SD 04 Philip M. Boyle (R)

SD 05 Carl L. Marcellino (R)

SD 06 Kemp Hannon (R)

SD 7 No Endorsement (R)

SD 8. Michael Venditto (R)

SD 9 Todd Kaminsky (D)


NYS Assembly

AD 01 Fred W. Thiele (I)

AD 02 Anthony H. Palumbo (R)

AD 03 Dean L. Murray (R)

AD 04 Steven Englebright (D)

AD 05 Alfred C. Graf (R)

AD 06 Philip Ramos (D)

AD 07 Andrew R. Garbarino (R)

AD 08 No Endorsement

AD 09 Joseph S. Saladino (R)

AD 10 Chad A. Lupinacci (R)

AD 11 Kimberly Jean-Pierre (D)

AD 12 Andrew P. Raia (R)

AD 13 Charles D. Lavine (D)

AD 14 David G. McDonough (R)

AD 15 Michael A. Montesano (R)

AD 16 Anthony D’Urso (D)

AD 17 Thomas McKevitt (R)

AD 18 Earlene Hooper (D)

AD 19 Edward P. Ra (R)

AD 20 Anthony Eramo (D)

AD 21 Brian F. Curran (R)

AD 22 Michalle Solages (D)

Your Vote! Your Voice! Your Union!

Stronger Together !!

Every Vote Counts!!!

Election Day November 8, 2016


  • Opposes so-called right-to-work & will champion the right to choose a union.
  • Defends the right to organize and will protect collective bargaining.  
  • Committed to the use of Project Labor Agreements, prevailing wages, and union training and apprenticeship requirements to create good union jobs.  
  • Plans to double the federal minimum wage and strengthen overtime rules.
  • Supports longstanding union initiatives including wage theft, discrimination, and protecting pensions.


SOURCES: When unions are strong, America is strong. HillaryClinton.com; The Wage Policy Hillary Clinton Calls ‘Shameful,’ Explained, 3/4/16, Think Progress; A plan to raise American incomes, HillaryClinton.com





Local 66 Labor Walks 2016



Senator Todd Kamisky 9th Senate District

Anthony Eramo – Candidate  NYS Assembly AD 20


Saturday October 22, 2016


10:00 am


485 Merrick Road

Rockville Centre, NY



Anthony Eramo NYS Assembly AD 20


Saturday October 29, 2016




54 West Park Avenue

Long Beach, NY



Senator Todd Kamisky 9th Senate District

Anthony Eramo – Candidate  NYS Assembly AD 20


Saturday November 5,2016


10:00 am


485 Merrick Road

Rockville Centre, NY