Happy Labor Day Local 66

Message from Business Manager Steve Flanagan
The first Monday in September is more than just a day off from work, the beginning of the football season, or the unofficial end of summer. For the American worker it is the day that we celebrate and society thanks us. Labor Day became an official national holiday in 1894 after 30 strikers were massacred during the Pullman strike. On this date, we salute those men and women that fought for and stood up for our rights as working people. We remember those who gave their lives for the weekend, a 40 hour work week, an end to child labor and the right to organize. As you barbecue and spend time with your families remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and celebrate those who continue to stand up for these rights today. 
Wear your colors and hold your heads high because as active union members, you keep the memories of those who sacrificed before us alive. As non-union construction workers die everyday on unsafe job sites, our work is far from over. 
Happy Labor Day Local 66 - the Building Trades finest. 
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