Letter: Demolition without Union is yet another one lost

I recently was involved in a article regarding the Kings Park Psychiatric Center and the demolition on the project. Many readers responded with anger towards the unions and why they think they are entitled to the work. The real issue is that New Yorkers are footing the bill for this demo and we aren't working on the project.

If it weren't for the unions there wouldn't be a story. Too many people are more angry with the fact that unions believe they should be on the sight. People are losing perspective that all of us are getting sold out. It is a shame when we are satisfied to say the unions are the problem when the ones we should direct our anger at is the policy makers and our elected officials who allow tax dollars to leave the state. 

Our society is to busy blaming the labor movement for all that is wrong with the world. They seem to forget that everything that they have is do to the hard work and sacrifices of the union movement. A basic 40 hour work week, health benefits and Pensions, so they could have a dignified retirement. Indiana based National Salvage is just another example of a project that has been lost to out of state workers.

We need to all wake up and start realizing that were in for tough times if we continue to be satisfied with losing these jobs! Jobs which are being funded by New Yorkers and performed by out of state workers. When an out of state worker comes and takes this work it is displacing a New York taxpayer and one of our unemployed neighbors.

They take the money and run back to there home state and spend your tax dollars. In this case it's Indiana. And were still unemployed and paying the bill for the work that the unions are fighting for.  I can promise all NEW YORKERS that Local 66 will continue to fight the fight for all New Yorkers, Because wer ae everywhere; we coach the soccer team, volunteer for charity, read Newsday and care about the community, we are your neighbor.

I encourage all of you to call your New York State elected officials and tell them enough is enough. I elected you to fight for me - not Indiana or these out of state workers. So to all the naysayers who think the UNIONS are the problem. Enjoy your time off this Saturday and Sunday because if it wasn't for the unions, there would be no weekend.