New Members in our Labor Unions

Message from the Business Manager.

We are currently at full employment and I want to congratulate the Business Agents and field representatives for their hard work. I also need to say good work to the members – we are truly the building trades finest and our contractors know this. This is why we are at full employment. We took approximately 8 new members and 15 apprentices, 3 have already quit, it's not for everybody. The window is closing for any additional new members. Understand, we can only accept the most dedicated and knowledgeable workers because they represent us.

New members have to pass 2 written tests and prove they have 4,000 hours in the industry and a written resume. This is in our best interest as a union because we need to keep our standards high. This is what our employers expect. Brothers and sisters the summer months are upon us which is our busy season. Make sure you stay hydrated and safe out there. As we come upon Labor Day 2012 and the upcoming November elections – many organizations in our field will be looking to Local 66 for our leadership and participation. If you are called upon to help out, whether it picket lines, rallies or campaign work – you must answer that call. Because like our official email newsletter says; we are Laborers Local 66 – the Building Trades Finest!