VERY IMPORTANT: Climate Jobs Training

On Tuesday, April 13th, Local 66 will be hosting the first union climate jobs training session to be held on Long Island. We are proud to be working with Climate Jobs NY and the Cornell ILR Worker Institute to put the training together.

This training is especially important as there are a number of large wind energy projects slated to come to the Long Island area. President Joe Biden has promised to make a huge investment in these new green technologies and we need to make sure that these new jobs go union.
This important training will provide information on climate change, the science behind it, and why these projects are happening. More importantly we will explain the type of work these projects will create and how that will translate into more Local 66 members being put to work.
This meeting is the first of hopefully many that will put Local 66 members to work rebuilding a new green infrastructure for years to come.
The meeting will take place at the Local 66 union hall on Tuesday, April 13th at 5:30 PM. We need all Local 66 members to attend. Food will be served. Please RSVP to Josh, 631-456-1718.