Happy Labor Day to all Organized Unions

Message from Business Manager.

On behalf of the staff and officers, we would like to wish all the members and their families a very safe and Happy Labor Day. Labor Day is the result of the labor movement, as is the 8 hour work day, minimum wage, social security, the family medical leave act, occupational safety and health, the end of child labor and the support of civil rights. These are just a few things unions have accomplished. To maintain these wins we need to be involved and aware and continue to work together to protect our rights as workers. On Labor Day, we celebrate the theory and concept of unions, and we take a day to reflect on all we have accomplished, and have dialog with family and friends on the challenges we face as working people and ways we can make our work lives better.

Enjoy your Labor Day because as dues paying members, you are on the front lines when it comes to protecting and preserving what so many before us have fought and sometimes died for. Be proud to be a Union Laborer, a working person who wakes up everyday to build yet another piece of America.

Wear your Local 66 gear with pride this weekend and spread the word that America truly does work best when we all say UNION YES!